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3 Steps To The Perfect House Plans


Couple-looking-at-house-plansDoes it bother you that your home no longer meets your family’s needs? Do you dream of something better? Have you shopped for a house, and you just get frustrated because:

  • All the house plans look the same,
  • None of the plans seem to fit your family’s needs,
  • You feel like you’re wasting time looking at countless plans, or
  • None of the plans seem worth the time, money, and pain of moving.

If any of this sounds familiar, this guide will help you navigate the critical process of designing your custom house plan from scratch. You really can get the house of your dreams. Provided you’re willing to put in the work up front and really think through your wants and needs.

The key to the whole thing is following a process that will keep you focused, on your family’s needs. This will keep you from designing a house plan you can’t afford or don’t like. It will also help you find the right person to work with so you can keep your dream alive. While not falling prey to outside influences that can derail you.

I’ve seen it countless times: a family like yours collecting photos, house plans, and ideas. Then just wants someone who can translate all that into a buildable, affordable custom floor plan.

Unfortunately,  most house designer, architect, and builders want to put their own stamp on it, telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

So you walk away feeling the same way you do every time, like nobody is listening.

When you’re finished reading this guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly share your vision with a house designer, architect, or builder
  • Confidently decide whether that person can, and will, do what you want, and do it within your budget.

3-step process below will help insure you find the right person to work with. While making sure that person creates the house plan of your dreams:

  1. Gather
  2. Organize
  3. Find and match

The process is simple, and will help take the stress and anxiety out of the process. It will still take work, but it will be a labor of love rather than a labor of fear, anger, and frustration.