From Bare Land To Dream Home

IntroductionBuilt on Raw Land Elements Design Build

Building a new home on bare land is quite an adventure. While it will never be pain-free, it will be an exciting adventure, one whose memory you look back on fondly, or one you wish you’d never had.

Buying bare land is the first challenge, and for the purposes of this guide we’re going to assume it’s a hurdle that you’ve already jumped over. You’ve got property, but aren’t sure what step to take next.

(Note: If you haven’t yet bought your property, you may want to read some of our articles on the topic.)

We’re going to cover three primary routes that you could take from here:

  • Select a construction lender to fund the construction of the home
  • Pick a designer to design the home
  • Choose which builder is going to build the home (or whether you want to take on that challenge yourself)

You’ll learn the benefits of choosing each of these first. But we’re also going to show you why we believe that choosing your builder first is the best next step.

Let’s start by looking at each of these options individually.