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Elements Offers A Wide Variety Of House Plans For Any Taste

Our Homes

Elements Custom Homes has been creatively designing house plans for over 20 years. Since we have worked with homeowners in 18 different states across our great country. Because, our design team creates house plans in varied styles such as English Cottage, Tudor, Storybook, Farmhouse, Craftsmen, Country French Old World, Mid Century Modern, and Urban/ Modern. We love the opportunity to create an exceptional design that can be built at an affordable cost. Our goal is to use design to give you the most we can for your budget.

Our House Plans

We have pre-designed house plans in different styles. Elements would love to meet with you and go through our Elements of life Analysis and discover what it takes to put you in your Element.

Plan Modifications

Most of our house plans can be modified to meet your needs.

Elements Design Build Greenville, SC Custom Home Builder Standard Features

Our Custom Homes are built with higher standards giving you a home that has lasting value. Many of our standard features are options for other home builders in Greenville, SC. Some of the green building options that we offer are typically not even available through most builders in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our goal is to give you that little something that other builders just don’t, take a look and contact us to schedule a detailed design.

Standard Features
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English Classic House Plans

Romantic detail and a whimsical flair does not begin to describe the English cottage. English Country house plans go by many different names including English Tudor, Storybook, Whimsical Cottage or Old World Cottage. There character and details come from the spirit of the world’s craftsmen. There roots are from a time when detail and design was a necessity in a home plan. These included steep roofs clad in thatch or slate which were designed to shed rain and snow. Clay or mud was used to fill the walls between the timber framing members, creating the familiar “half-timbered” appearance. Prominent chimneys are evident and used to heat the home and cook food. Elements Design-Builds English Cottage house plans offer more carefully-planned and functional layouts without sacrificing one bit of storybook charm.

English Cottage Plans
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Modern Farmhouse Plans

Farm house plans are as differing in design as the regional farms they once looked over. These homes usually have gabled roofs and generous porches at front or back or as wrap-around verandas. Farmhouse floor plans are often organized around a spacious eat-in kitchen. Woodsy informality is a staple of a Farmhouse design. Farmhouse house plan design comes from the simple spirit of the owners that often built these homes. Because of the regional characteristics of this design there can be many different variations.

Modern Farmhouse Plans
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Urban Modern House Plans

Modern house plans have clean lines, simple layouts, and up to date layouts with abundant natural light. Developed in the 1920s these house plans came from international designs. Often having Flat or shallow-pitched roofs, large expanses of glass, strong connections to outdoor space, and spare, unornamented walls are characteristics of Modern house plans. Modern style home are often designed into the lot, turning outdoor space into alfresco living rooms. Reach out to Elements Design Build and let us put you into your element.

Urban Modern Plans
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