Build Your Family With Us

Elements realizes that families come in all shapes and sizes. Additionally, we also realize to build your own home can be different for everyone. Because at Elements, we are a big, fun, friendly family. Furthermore, we’re enthusiastic and energetic. Therefore, we have a great time while creating communities for our homeowners to live out their dreams.

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Not just another home builder helping you build your own home.

Our homes are tailored to their owners’ unique tastes. Between our classic architecture, designer selections, and customized floor plans, we design for real life and construct for the long run. So, when you build with us, you build your own house for the future.

We know that home is not just a structure.

Home is the whole package—the communal spaces, the surrounding green space, the other amenities, and the people around you. This is why when you build your own house, Elements connects your home to the outside and to the community it is in.

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Build your own home

Build your own home with partners that will build the house of your dreams.

Since your builder will be a part of your life during this process, we recommend you choose one that’s great to work with. From the outset, we forge a relationship with each homeowner. We offer choices, listen, and make the process simple and smooth.

Behind The Scenes

Dane Lytle - Elements Custom Homes - Build your own home

Dane Lytle – Custom Home Builder / Head Designer

Dane Lytle started his residential design career in 1994, and has worked in Los Angeles, Oklahoma, and now South Carolina. While in LA, he worked for award winning architect, Michael C.F. Chan. Since this firm worked with high-end clients, such as Jennifer Lopez and Roger Penske, Dane earned endless knowledge. Since 2000, Dane has built numerous projects and designed hundreds of homes in Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Also, he designed and built Vesica Piscis Chapel in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Dane is a graduate from University of Central Oklahoma, holding a Bachelor of Science, and earned a Master of Business Administration from Clemson University. Continued education is a part of Dane, as he strives to learn about every new product and service that will benefit his clients.

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