A smooth home building project is ideal.  Clients, subcontractors, and builders are all happy when there are few issues, allowing building projects to be completed on time and on budget.  So, how do you ensure a smooth build of your new custom home?  Well, the answer to that question actually lies in what steps you take before building in the planning stage . . .

The Planning Stage

The planning stage is an extremely important, but at times overlooked, part of the building process.  Excited to begin building and wanting to meet a desired move-in date, some clients (and even builders) believe the sooner one breaks ground, the better.  But jumping in and solving problems as they arise is risky.  In our professional opinion, if you truly want a smooth build, then planning is essential.

What is involved in the planning stage?

What exactly is involved in the planning stage?  Well first of all, designing the perfect set of house plans.  In order to do this, we encourage you to read our series, “How to Design the Perfect House Plans.”  We also suggest that you browse through Elements House Plans Gallery, keeping in mind that these plans can be modified to meet your family’s needs.

While designing your floor plans, Elements will talk with you about what features and finishes you would like in your custom home.  We will do this by first asking you to organize your wants and needs.  Of course, we will discuss cost, including whether your wants fit into the budget.  After all, nothing ruins a smooth build quicker than going over budget!  For more information, read “How Size and Features Affect Price per Square Foot” and “How to stay in budget when building a home.”

Next, we request that you visit our Selections Showroom, located at Taylors Mill.  Our Showroom allows you to make many selections with just one stop.  No need to visit a hardwood floor company and then go to the roofing store, followed by the brick yard and hardware store and on and on…   Elements Selections Showroom has samples of hardwoods, hardware, brick, shingles, and more.

Some items, such as appliances, cannot be displayed at our Showroom.  Because of this, we also offer Co Construct, an online software management program, which allows clients to make selections.  Plus, we have relationships with suppliers in Greenville SC so clients can see products not displayed in our Showroom.

Thus, designing floor plans, making selections, and bidding the project are important elements of the planning stage.

After planning…

After spending the necessary time planning, it’s time to start building!  Of course, problems are bound to arise.  (People are constructing your home, after all.)  But the time spent planning will minimize difficulties, allowing for a smoother build.

Ready to start planning?  Click here to contact us!  We’d love the opportunity to put you in your Element!

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Before Building a New Home: The Planning Stage
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Before Building a New Home: The Planning Stage
In an effort to ensure a smoother build, the planning stage is essential. This article discusses what is involved in the planning stage, plus gives links to additional resources.
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