There are benefits to building on land.  Before purchasing any property, however, we advise that you verify all documents.

Why verify all documents?

Easements, right-of-ways, utility accessibility, and more need to be verified before purchasing any land.  Yes, surveys, research, and title work take time.  But they are extremely important to ensure that you purchase a useable piece of property on which you can build your dream home.  Because there are multiple, important steps to finding the perfect land, we wrote a series, “How to Find and Buy Land for Your Dream Home.”  You can read it here.

Avoid issues…

When proper steps are not taken, issues can arise.  For example, a potential client interested in building a custom home with Elements contacted us, asking that we look at a piece of property already purchased.  We were happy to swing by the land, giving our professional opinion about its building possibilities.  Several months went by, and we assumed the landowner had chosen another builder.  Then, we received an email stating that there were issues with the land.  There was no easement allowing access to it!  Because of this, it was currently unbuildable.  A situation like this is so unfortunate for the landowner!

Because the land was already purchased, we aren’t sure if the documents weren’t verified correctly or if the paperwork wasn’t requested.  Either way, this is a very regrettable situation, as this person now owns a piece of unbuildable (and unsellable, if they are honest with potential buyers) property.

By taking the proper steps.

Another Elements client needed to split their property.  We helped them ensure they had the necessary paperwork and offered suggestions about questions they needed to ask.  Though the process took a bit of time, they successfully secured a buildable piece of land.

Let us help!

As an expert in the building industry, Elements will look at land (or lots) with clients, giving our professional opinion about the pros and cons of each piece of property.  We will also recommend surveyors, title companies, etc.  And we are happy to help clients with paperwork, explaining important steps that need to be completed when verifying land documents.

As we said, building on land has its benefits.  But it also comes with its own set of unique challenges.  Fortunately, we are here to help!

Want to build on land?  Click here to contact us!  We’d love the opportunity to put you in your Element!

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Building on Land: Verify all documents.
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Building on Land: Verify all documents.
An article explaining why it is vital to verify all documents before purchasing a piece of property to build a custom home.
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