Choosing the right paint colors for your new home is an important decision.  Not only will these paint colors set the backdrop for your home décor, but different colors evoke varying emotions and energies.  Also, while you want your home to be up-to-date and stylish, you must remember that trends change yearly.  Before you get overwhelmed and put up 20 different paint samples, let us give you a few tips about how to choose the right paint colors for your new home…

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Tip #1:  Start with colors you are drawn to…

If you’ve ever looked at a paint swatch fan or browsed the paint color selections at your local home improvement store, you know there are literally hundreds of colors to choose from.  So, start by thinking about what colors you are most drawn to.  For example, my wife and I love autumn tones, so we often look at colors such as browns, greys, burnt oranges, and deep greens.  Though we love rich mustard yellow, most yellow tones are not our cup of tea.  Choosing colors that one likes, however, helps limit the choices available.

Tip #2:  Think about your current home décor items, furniture, bedding…

Chances are, if you choose paint colors based on colors you simply like, then your home décor items, furniture, bedding, linens, etc. will coordinate with them.  Unless you plan to purchase all new furniture and décor, however, it’s worth considering the current items you own.  For example, though my wife is often drawn to rich purple tones, we don’t own many décor items or linens that match this color.  Because of this, we have chosen different paint colors for our walls that better match the items we already have.

Tip #3:  Think about how often you like to update your home décor…

Now, you might be thinking, but I want to buy new stuff!  And that is completely understandable.  Before you match your bedroom walls to the brand-new comforter, however, consider how long you will want to keep that bedding.  Will you want (or need) to repaint the walls when you decide to update your décor?

Tip #4:  Don’t go too trendy.

Every year, Pantone releases its “Color of the Year.”  This year, 2020, it is Classic Blue.  Last year, in 2019, it was Living Coral.  And the year before that, it was Ultra Violet.  Before painting your walls this year’s hot color, remember that trends change.  And fast.  For example, my wife loves the color pink, especially the dusty rose that has recently been so popular.  She wanted to use this color in our upstairs bedroom.  Rather than painting the walls dusty rose, however, we decided to incorporate this color in accent pillows, curtains, and a chair.  That way, if she wants to change the color scheme of the room, she can without completely repainting the bedroom.

Tip #5:  Don’t choose too many paint colors.

Though it may seem that every room needs its own color, we’ve found that a simple color scheme, with fewer colors, is actually more visually appealing, especially with today’s open floor plans.  Choosing one paint color for the majority of the house not only saves money (as painters charge extra for additional colors), but it also allows your home décor to flow from one room to the next.  Of course, you may want to paint the powder bath and/or master bedroom special colors.  But does the laundry room really need to be a different color from the hallway?

Tip #6:  Stick with classic neutrals overall.

One of the most valuable tips we can give is to stick with classic neutrals.  Remember how I mentioned that my wife accented our upstairs bedroom with dusty rose?  Well, we painted the walls white.  Simple white, to be exact (as there are many, many different shades of white!)  Because she loves to decorate for every season and holiday, our main areas are True Taupewood, a neutral which picks up varying shades of brown and grey, depending on what it’s near.  Our Powder Bath and Master Bedroom…  Well, we did choose special colors for them.  Though, we took our own advice and considered the fact that we didn’t want to have to repaint if we decided to change bedding.

Tip #7:  Think about the ENTIRE house.

When choosing paint colors, make sure to think about the ENTIRE house.  Now, that might sound silly.  I mean, of course you’re thinking about your whole house!  But have you considered how this paint color will look with the cabinets, the tile, the hardwoods?  Does the color (even if it’s white) have green undertones or grey or pink or yellow?  Is adding that extra color in the mudroom going to cause painting to go over budget?  It’s vital to remember that paint colors are only one detail in the grand scheme.

Tip #8:  Have fun!

And our final tip…  Have fun!  Remember, while choosing the right paint colors is important, they will ultimately become a backdrop, not a focal point.  So, choose colors you like that will match your decorating style and not go out of fashion too quickly.  But don’t stress too much.  After all, if you really don’t like it, you can always grab a paintbrush and try again!

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Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your New Home
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Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your New Home
An article which contains 8 tips for choosing the right paint colors for your new home, including links to two of our favorite neutrals.
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