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8 Easy Tips to Keeping a Clean Home

At Elements Design Build, we believe a clean home is essential to a comfortable, safe environment.  But we realize that hectic schedules with kids, pets, and/or work often make it difficult to keep up with cleaning.  So, here are eight easy tips to help you keep your house “company-ready” without feeling overworked!

Clean Home Rules To Follow

  • Make the bed every day.  It is amazing how much cleaner a room appears simply by straightening up the bed and placing the pillows in their correct places.
  • Unload and load the dishwasher every day. Teach your kiddos to put their dirty dishes in the sink so that it is easier and quicker to get the dishwasher loaded.
  • Take out the trash as soon as it’s full. And don’t forget to check the small trashcans in bathrooms & bedrooms!
  • Put your stuff away! A decluttered house looks cleaner than one with things sitting around.  So, put dirty clothes in the hamper, hang up coats, and place shoes in the closet.
  • Wipe down the countertops and the kitchen sink every day. Even better, if you make this a habit after every meal, your kitchen will always be clean!
  • Vacuum carpets and Swiffer hard surfaces once a week.
  • Clean the bathroom twice a month.
  • Dust two rooms every week. This way, the whole house gets dusted once a month.

Find more information about keeping a clean house, read “Healthy Home Standards.”

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