When considering building a custom home, the cost to build a house is forefront in clients’ minds.  Initial inquiries often include questions such as, “What is your price per square foot” and “How much is the builder’s fee?”  Because Elements believes in transparent communication, I have written eight articles, covering various aspects of the cost to build a house.  While I have not written about every cost to build a house, I have answered some of our clients’ most common questions.  Continue reading for links to the articles.  And please, contact us if you have other questions about the cost to build a house.

The Cost to Build a House

2×4 versus 2×6 Walls

When building a home, budget is, of course, a very important consideration.  The overall cost to build a house is not the only thing new homeowners are concerned about, though.  Building a quality home that will remain structurally sound is also extremely important.  Because of this, clients often ask about 2×4 versus 2×6 walls.  They want to know how much more it costs to build a house with 2×6 walls rather than 2×4.  Also, they want to know if the extra expense is really worth it.  [Click here for the answers to these questions…]

How Size & Features Affect Price per Square Foot

Homeowners want assurance that the builder they hire is cost-conscious and will not over-charge to construct their house.  Because of this, potential clients often ask how much builders charge per square foot to build a custom home.  Although this seems like a simple question, it is actually quite complicated.  In an effort to be honest and transparent with our clients, we can provide an estimated range of cost per square foot.  It is impossible to quote an exact price per square foot of a custom home that has never been built before, however.  This is because size and features affect price per square foot dramatically.  [Click here to learn more…]

The Price of Change Orders

Once you’ve approved the floor plans and materials selections, custom home builders will charge for change orders.  Why?  Because changes cost time, slowing the project.  Often, they also cost money, requiring completed work to be re-done and/or more expensive materials to be purchased.  [Click here for tips about how to avoid the price of change orders…]

The Price per Square Foot

Potential clients often ask about price per square foot.  Many believe that this is a “good way” to compare builders.  In reality, there’s a secret about price per square foot that the building industry would rather I didn’t share with you–it’s a game that home builders use to reel you in.  Honestly, using price per square foot as the primary means of explaining the cost to build a house does customers a disservice.  Because of this, good builders won’t play the game.  And because of that, they lose some customers.  But reputable builders would rather be honest with future homeowners about the real cost to build a house.  [Click here to learn more…]

The Builder’s Fee

Whether already built or going to build, when you purchase a brand-new, never-been-lived-in home, you will pay a builder’s fee.  If the home is already built, the question about how much the builder will be paid is often not a concern.  This makes sense because the customer knows the price of the home, which is not going to fluctuate.  When building a custom home, however, the builder’s fee becomes more important to clients.  [Click here to keep reading…]

The Price of Land or Lot

The location of your custom home is no doubt very important.  Many amenities can be upgraded in the future.  For example, if you decide that you don’t like a paint color or want a nicer light fixture, you can alter those details.  The placement of your home, however, cannot be changed.  Because of this, purchasing the perfect piece of land or the ideal lot is crucial.  So, how much will this property cost?  [Click here to learn about the two main factors that affect the price of land or lot…]

The Importance of Good Plans

When building a custom home, not only is cost an important consideration, but time as well.  Most (dare I say, all) clients have a targeted move-in date.  Of course, this is understandable, as coordinating selling a current house, packing, and moving into a new home takes a lot of scheduling.  In the zeal to begin building your new home as quickly as possible, however, do not lose sight of the importance of good plans.  Detailed floor plans, as well as good plans in terms of selections, budget, and scheduling, will help minimize waste.  In other words, good plans will help keep the over-all cost to build a house in check.  [Click here to keep reading…]

More than just money

The cost to build a house is an extremely important consideration when deciding to build a custom home.  So important, in fact, that this is the eighth article I’ve written on the subject.  The previous seven, however, considered the cost to build a house in terms of money.  While the bottom-line in terms of dollars is important, the cost to build a house involves more than just money.  There are two other BIG factors that you need to consider when building…  [Click here to keep reading…]

For more information about the cost to build a house . . .

As I stated at the beginning of this round-up article, I have answered some questions about the cost to build a house.  Of course, there are other considerations like how much it costs to get utilities to the land, how much a two-story versus a one-story house costs, and the list goes on…

Please, contact us with specific questions about the cost to build a house.  And make sure to check out our Home Builders Blog for more articles.  For example, you might be interested in reading “How to stay in budget when building a home.”

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The Cost to Build a House: Series Round-Up
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The Cost to Build a House: Series Round-Up
There are many factors that affect the cost to build a house. In this article, we explore eight of them, including price per square foot and the builder's fee.
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