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Design Styles 101

At some point, someone has probably asked you, “So, what’s your decorating design style?”  Seems like a simple enough question, doesn’t it?  But if you’re anything like me, it’s actually a bit complicated to explain…  So, let’s start with some basic definitions of a few popular design styles.

Design Style #1: 

Modern, aka Contemporary or Minimalist – While you may identify as mid-century modern, Frank Lloyd Wright contemporary, or a Generation XYZ minimalist, all of these lend themselves to sleek lines, simple forms, and minimal décor items.  Elements Design Build Urban Collection plans are good examples of this style.

Design Style #2: 

Farmhouse Flair, a cousin of good ol’ traditional, but with a bit of a rustic feel – This style incorporates the beautiful wood of traditional but allows pieces to be “imperfect,” such as an old Elm Farm Table.  Because this style is more laid-back, it allows for more comfort while keeping the style alive.  But don’t take laid-back for non-sophisticated.  Each piece in Farmhouse Flair is carefully chosen to create a sense of home. Check out Elements Design Build Modern Farmhouse plans for examples of this style.

Design Style #3: 

Tudor Traditions, the austere grandfather of traditional – This old-world style calls for dark wood, rich fabrics, and everything to be “just so.”  The Devon plan with its imposing tower and beamed detail has the architectural elements that Tudor Traditions expects.  The Dorset is another excellent example of this very proper style and is perfect for that small city lot.

Design Style #4: 

Storybook Style, the crazy aunt of Tudor Traditions – This variety of design has an old-world flair like Tudor Traditions, with beautiful wood and gorgeous whimsy, but it is a bit more laid-back like Farmhouse Flair.  While The Devon plan of Tudor Traditions works in Storybook Style, a more whimsical design such as The Brampton lends itself more to this imaginative style.

Perhaps this is the best time to admit it…  It’s hard to explain design styles because so many overlap.  Personally, while I do love Tudor Traditions, I could find myself just as cozy in a Modern Farmhouse. That is why design build is such an important element. This process, which includes our Elements of Life Analysis©, allows us to find those creative features you love from different design styles and pull them together to put you in your element!

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