We’ve given you tips about how to find the right home builder, house plans designer, and lender.  Of course, all that information is vital to make your dream home a reality.  But what about your current home?  Most likely, you’ll need to sell it in order to make your dream home a reality, as well.  So, today, we’re going to give you some tips about how to find the right Realtor to sell your house.

Tips to Find the Right Realtor to Sell Your House

As with any profession, there are excellent Realtors and simply average ones.  But even an excellent Realtor might not be a good fit for you.  Here are some tips to help you find not only an excellent Realtor, but the right Realtor to sell your house…

Tip #1: Hire based on a professional opinion, not a personal one.

When asking your neighbors and friends for Realtor recommendations, make sure you inquire as to why the person is referring the agent.  Is it because the Realtor did an exceptional job selling their last house?  Or is it because the Realtor is a friend or relative?

Now, their sister might be a very good Realtor, but you should dig a little more before hiring her.  That being said, we caution against hiring anyone simply because he/she is a relative or friend.  (Put them on your list, if you like.  But make sure to conduct tips 3 & 4 before hiring.)

Tip #2: Find an agent that specializes in your area.

Real estate agents typically have an area that they know best.  In other words, they know the neighborhoods, what is trending in that area, and where to find the buyers.  To discover those Realtors, drive around your area and write down every agent’s name you see on a real estate sign.  Make a tick mark every time you see another sign belonging to that Realtor.  (Though just because someone has tons of houses listed doesn’t mean they are great at selling houses.  So, take notice if a “sold” sign is located on the Realtor’s signs.)

Tip #3: Research specific agents.

Once you have gathered a list of Realtors who are currently selling in your area, search out more information about the agents.  Realtor.com is an excellent source, providing recommendations and giving information about number of houses sold, years of experience, and more.

Tip #4: Interview several agents.

After conducting your own research, choose several agents to interview.  Invite them to your house and listen to their sales pitch.  They should tell you what they think your house is worth, plus be able to discuss how they will market (especially on MLS, the Multiple Listing Service) and what you need to do in order to properly stage your home.

After listening, tell the agent you’d like to list your house for $10,000 higher to “see what happens.”  If the agent simply agrees without any argument, don’t hire that person.  Expert Realtors understand that pricing a home competitively will help ensure that it’s sold in a reasonable amount of time.  You need an agent who is willing to give frank, honest, professional advice—not someone who will simply do whatever you want.

If the Realtor “passes” the “let’s list it higher just to see” test, ask him/her about staging techniques, why they utilize these, and how they will make your house stand-out on MLS.  Ask about their average listing days on market.  Also, find out which title company they use, as well as which lenders and home builders they recommend.  In other words, try to make sure this person is a professional who knows their stuff!

Tip #5: Choose your Realtor.

Finally, it’s time to consider all the information and choose the real estate agent that you believe is the right fit for you.  Perhaps they don’t have as many houses for sale in your area, but they answered all of your questions well and you feel your personalities mesh.  Ultimately, you must decide who you want to work with during, what can be a stressful time.  After all, selling your current home while building a new one takes careful scheduling.  Your Realtor needs to fit into the team so that you can move into your dream home!

*Dane Lytle is not only a custom home designer and builder, but also has his Real Estate Broker’s License in the state of South Carolina.

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