Elements Design Build is committed to green home building. The choices we make today will make your home more sustainable for years to come.  Not only will this give environmental benefits, but economic and social benefits, as well.

What are Green Home Building Standards?

Green Home Building has become more defined as technological discoveries increase. Through these discoveries, we have become aware of the damage our poor choices are causing. Fortunately, through these same discoveries, solutions are being developed. And these solutions are what Green Home Building is all about.  Sustainable building creates a healthier environment because using fewer resources allows for a more efficient construction model.

Why Choose Green Home Building?

As time goes on, we discover that we have a responsibility to this great planet of ours. Construction accounts for 39% of energy use, 12% of water use, 68% of electricity use, and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2012, December 19) Why Build Green)

As you can see, the construction process has a large impact on the natural environment and economy, plus affects human health. By choosing to build green, we can use our environmental and economic resources more wisely.

Fortunately, green construction techniques can be blended into your home at any stage of construction.  The greatest benefits come when both the design and construction teams work together, however. Thus, this is one of the many benefits of working with a design build firm, such as Elements. Since design build is with you through every step, such firms can be much more efficient than other building companies.

What are the Benefits of Building Green?


  • First, it reduces the carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Second, it reduces damaging materials introduced to our air and water supply.
  • Thus, it reduces quantities of waste.
  • Additionally, it conserves and restores the natural resources available to us.


  • First, there is less cost to operate business due to reduced waste.
  • Second, it helps with the development of new green products in your community.
  • Third, it improves the economic life cycle.


  • First, there is improved comfort to residents.
  • Second, there are many improved visual qualities.
  • Third, it minimizes strain on local infrastructure.
  • Fourth, it improves the quality of life for both the occupants and world.

What is a Green Home?

GREEN BUILDING - ELEMENTS DESIGN BUILDAccording to the National Green Building Standards, you have to address multiple concerns with environmental impacts to have a “Green Home.” These environmental components are:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials and Products
  • Health and Safety
  • Community

From design through construction, Elements Design Build focuses on all these components. We bring together a team of great people to put you in your Element!


Contact us to start designing your Green Home today!

Green Home Building is Building Responsibly
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Green Home Building is Building Responsibly
An article which explains what a green home and the green home building standards are, including the environmental, social, and economic benefits of green homes.
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