Greenville SC

Greenville SC has a way of drawing you in.  My wife and I are originally from Oklahoma and when it came time to work on my MBA, we looked at various options. I knew I wanted a program that offered a real estate focus, so we decided to visit Greenville and Clemson University MBA.  Our first night, we stayed at the Weston Poinsett Hotel, which has Downtown Greenville SC right outside the doors. From the time we arrived, we were hooked on this beautiful city.

Of course, we are just one of many that feel this way. Greenville SC has been the recipient of multiple awards, including the top 100 places to live in the country. One of the best parts of Greenville SC is its downtown, named by Forbes as one of the best downtowns in America.

For those foodies like my wife and me, there are not only tons of great restaurants and a wonderful farmers market, but many other ways to get your food mojo going.  On top of that, there are numerous food festivals that will temp your taste buds, including Euphoria Greenville and Fall for Greenville.

On top of this, Greenville offers many ways to walk all that good food off, including many golf courses and parks.  Connecting this park system is the Swamp Rabbit Trail,  a 20 mile rail trail.

Whether you are just discovering Greenville for the first time or have always called Greenville home, you will enjoy its offerings.

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