With major life decisions comes advice.  Whether changing jobs, moving cities, or building a home, family will want to share their experiences with you.  Unfortunately, when it comes to new construction, everyone seems to have a story about a terrible experience with a builder.  So, how should you handle family advice when building?  Well, here’s our professional suggestions…

Family Advice When Building

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

We understand that your family wants to tell you about their experiences to ensure that you find the right builder.  After all, they don’t want you telling your own ugly, horror story!  Because of this, we welcome your family to join our discussion on building your custom home…  So long as you want their input.

Our Advice

First, make a list.

We suggest that you have your loved one write a list of questions and/or concerns they had with their building process.  That way, we can discuss the specific aspects of the home building process that concern your family.  Some concerns may not be an issue, as we have discovered methods to help avoid those situations.  Other grievances might be a common, unavoidable issue with building new homes.

For example, many people complain about going over budget when building a custom home.  Because we utilize an online construction management software program, our clients have access to financials throughout the design build process.  Thus, both you and the builder know exactly how much money is spent and if the over-all budget is met.  Other complaints often involve scheduling, specifically missing a target move-in date.  While we understand the importance of maintaining a schedule, we also know that weather (and other circumstances outside of our control) make adjustment to the building timeline a necessity.

Second, get your questions answered!

Whether the concerns are big or small, we want to make sure that you (and the people who advise you) are comfortable with our design build process.  So, again, write out a list of questions and/or concerns you have about the building process.  We’re happy to answer them.  Because we really do want to put you in your Element!

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Handling Family Advice When Building a Home
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Handling Family Advice When Building a Home
An article which outlines our professional suggestions about how to handle family advice when building a home.
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