Unlike the sleezy, money-grubbing image portrayed on TV, reputable home builders do not want all your money.  Let me say that again, I do not want all your money.  In fact, I often try to talk clients out of spending more money.  As a home builder who utilizes a cost-plus contract, this may sound a bit absurd.  But I didn’t get into the design build business just to make money.

It’s about more than money.

Like many reputable builders, I love what I do because I help my clients realize a dream, creating a custom home for their families.  This home includes features they need and want in a perfect-for-them location.  Because I want my clients to enjoy their dream home for many years, I realize that staying in budget is extremely important.  After all, if someone spends every dime they have (or worse, dimes they don’t have), money stress will diminish the joy their new home should bring.

Beautiful, functional floor plans

In order to avoid that money stress situation, we design beautiful, but functional floor plans, minimizing wasted space.  We won’t encourage you to build bigger just in case.  Instead, we will discover the spaces you and your family will really utilize.  One way we do this is by having you answer a series of questions about the function of your home.  (Click here for the questions.)  Using that information, we will guide you to one of our preferred house plans, which can be modified to meet your exact needs.  (Click here to view our House Plans Collection.)

Finishes that fit your budget

Another way we help our clients stay in budget is by encouraging them to choose finishes before home building begins so that our bid is more accurate.  This process is streamlined with our Showroom at Taylors Mill and our online construction management software, CoConstruct.  At our Showroom, we display samples of hardwood floors, cabinets, brick, hardware, and more.  We have spent hours finding the highest quality products for the most reasonable prices so that you don’t have to.  Finishes which aren’t displayed on our Showroom floor can be found on CoConstruct.  (For more information about our online software management program, click here.)

Resources to help you stay in budget

A final way we help our clients stay within budget is by offering resources on our home builders blog.  For example, we have written an eight-part series about the cost to build a house, including one about the builder’s fee.  You can find links to all eight articles here.  We also wrote a blog post entitled, “How to stay in budget when building a home.”  You can read it here.

Home builders do not want all your money.  We want happy clients.

Ultimately, home builders want happy clients.  And at Elements, we know that staying in budget when building a custom home makes clients happy.  So, no, I do not want all your money.  I do, however, want to help you design and build your dream home within a budget that you can afford.


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Home Builders do not want all your money
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Home Builders do not want all your money
Home builders do not just want money. We want happy clients, and this article discusses how we achieve that goal.
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