Disorganization. Is it that big of a deal if your builder is disorganized? Is it that big of a deal if you, the client, are disorganized? Well, it might be…

Disorganization: The Builder

First, let’s talk about the builder. Organization (or lack thereof) is one aspect of choosing a home builder that often gets overlooked. Perhaps this is because disorganization is often equated with someone who is simply “creative.”  And you want your builder to be creative, right?! Well, in the area of home design, you absolutely want a creative individual. But if that creativity means that the builder is ignoring important details, then that’s not the creativity you need.

So, perhaps “organized” should be on your list of important qualities for your home builder.

I mean, what happens when a creative, but disorganized, custom home builder starts constructing your home? Will the job stay on schedule? Will the subcontractors know what they’re supposed do? Will the job site be clean and orderly?

How to find an organized builder…

And how do you know if the builder you are considering is organized?  Well, here are a few things to consider…

  • Check out their office, vehicle, and other job sites. Are these spaces tidy or do they look like a tornado just went through?
  • Pay attention to how the builder interacts with you and the subcontractors. For example, does the builder answer the phone in the middle of meetings? This could indicate that he/she is not planning, scheduling, etc. appropriately.
  • Find out how the builder communicates important details. For example, does the builder use an online construction management program? Do they answer emails and phone calls promptly? Do they communicate clearly?
  • Pay attention to whether the builder is considerate of others’ time. For example, is the builder on time to meetings? If not, that’s a planning issue (or a respect issue). Either way, it’s a sign of a larger problem.

Disorganization: The Client

Now, let’s talk about you, the client. Is it a big deal if you are disorganized? Well, building a custom home is a huge undertaking. You will be asked to make many decisions throughout the design build process. So, it’s also important that you give the necessary attention needed during meetings, communicate details clearly, and show up on time to appointments. Clients’ disorganization can slow a project as much as a builder’s disorganization.

Creative AND Organized

Ultimately, you and your builder need to be a creative AND organized team. If either of you is disorganized, it will cost time, emotion, and money.

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Home Building: The Cost of Disorganization
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Home Building: The Cost of Disorganization
An article discussing the issues disorganization can cause during the design build process and how to find a creative and organized custom home builder.
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