If you are considering building a custom home, then you no doubt have a picture of your ideal home in your mind.  You know what’s important to your family, plus have wants and needs that you’d like incorporated into your new home’s design.  So, of course, you want the opportunity to communicate your vision.  In other words, your builder shouldn’t tell you what’s important to your home design.  You should let him/her know what’s essential to your family’s home.

At Elements Design Build L.L.C., we understand this.  That’s why we start by listening to your ideas, wants, needs, vision…  But then, we do give our opinion.  Why?  Because we’ve been in the design-build industry for over 20 years and believe an important part of our job is sharing our expert advice with our clients.  We want to help you design and build your dream home within your budget, while also planning for your future.

So, how do we design (and build) your dream home?  Well, we utilize a four-step home design process…

Home Design: Where to Start…

Step 1 – Complete our Elements of Life Analysis©.

As we stated earlier, we start by listening.  This includes asking you to complete our Elements of Life Analysis©, which helps us discover your style, wants, and needs.

Step 2 – Choose one of our preferred house plans.

Dane Lytle, head designer and custom home builder, has designed hundreds of homes throughout his 20+ year career.  He has chosen the best of the best to display on the “House Plans” page here at elementshomebuilder.com.  Because of this, we take the information gathered in the Elements of Life Analysis© and suggest preferred house plans that we feel meet most of the wants and needs discovered.

Step 3 – Customize the preferred house plan, if needed.

Since you are wanting to build a custom home, we will make necessary modifications to ensure that the floor plan is perfect for your family’s needs.  Of course, you will be fully involved during the entire home design process.  (Which includes visiting our Showroom to start discussing brick, cabinets, hardwood floors, and more!)

Step 4 – Build your custom home based on the home design plans.

Finally, once floor plans have been perfected, we’ll start building your custom home!  Seeing the two-dimensional design become a three-dimensional structure is one of the most exciting parts of our job!

Ready to start designing your dream home?  Click here to contact us!  We’d love the opportunity to put you in your Element!

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Home Design: Where to Start . . .
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Home Design: Where to Start . . .
An article discussing the four-step home design process that Elements utilizes to help design and build your dream home within a budget, while also planning for the future.
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