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Home Design

Your builder shouldn’t be telling you what’s important to your family’s home design, it should be the other way around. But at the same time, you need expert advice so you can plan for the future. When you choose to build with Elements Design Build, we limit ourselves to feedback that helps accomplish your dream within your budget.

As a result, we put people into the dream home design that they’d always had in mind.

You give us requirements, we figure out how to make it work.

It seems like home builders are always trying to force what they want in a home onto their customers. That’s why we strive to be different than most builders. Don’t care about 2×6 walls? No problem – keep that extra money. Need ADA accessibility? We’ll work it into the design, and we’ll do it within your budget.

You’re involved throughout the design process.

First we meet to create that list of needs and wants that we’ll base your home design on. Next, Elements will then take a look at our stock designs and see if any of them come close. If not we’ll use that list to draw up our first custom home design. You’ll either love it, hate it or fall somewhere in between. No matter how you respond to the draft, we use your feedback to come up with the next design.

We build within your budget, without exception.

We won’t show you a design for a 3,500 square foot home when you’ve got a 2,000 square foot home budget. We may not always be able to get every single need and want into the home, but we’ll prioritize it so that by the end, you’re satisfied. You’ll be able to choose what to include or exclude to meet your budget. We are able get a more realistic understanding of home design through our 3D design software.