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At Elements, we see transparency as key to a smooth home build. Because of this, we use myelementshome.com, our construction management software, to guide you through the home building process.

Your personal page allows you to easily track your home’s building progress while on the go, running your busy life. It also allows you to easily communicate with us and vice versa.

Below are photos of the varied pages of the site, along with descriptions of each page’s use.

Main Page

 The main page is a “quick view,” which allows you to see your home’s progress, the finances, selections made, and photos of your home posted by both you and Elements.

homeowners page - Elements Design Build

Communication Portal

As we said earlier, Elements believes that communication is key. Because of this, the homeowner’s page has a communication portal that allows you to communicate concerns and compliments at any time.

This does not stop on move-in day, either. Elements uses this software to manage your builder’s warranty, as well.

ommunication portal - elements design build


 The project calendar allows you to see the progress of your home and is where you schedule your site visits.

building schedule - elements design build

Photos and House Plans

Photos of your house posted by Elements allows you to keep up with your home’s progress without having to be on-site. Additionally, Elements will have a signed set of plans posted, as well, so that you can reference them as needed.

PHOTOS OF HOME - elements design build


There is a place on the homeowner’s page for you to track the design selections, or “jewelry,” for your house.  The allowances are also posted so that you can make sure your selections are within budget.  Like we said before, transparency is key to a smooth home building process.

SELECTIONS - elements design build

Finally, the homeowner’s page allows you to track your budget fully and make any necessary changes, including the paperwork required.

ESTIMATE-elements design build
CHANGE ORDER elements design build

As you can see, Elements Design Build wants you to be involved in your home build.  Because we know you are busy, our homeowner’s page will simplify this process, allowing you to keep track of everything while on the go.  Contact us and let’s start your Elements of Life Analysis© and put you in your Element!

Homeowners Page
Homeowner's Page
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Homeowner's Page
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