You have spent hours on Pinterest and scoured through countless magazines, collecting photos and ideas.  Now, you just want someone who can take all that information and help you figure out how to design the perfect house plans.  House plans that are buildable and affordable.  Individualized house plans that meet your and your family’s needs.  House plans that will be worth the time, money, and pain of moving.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to clearly share your vision with a house designer, architect, or builder.  Plus, many house designers, architects, and builders want to put their own stamp on the project, telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.  So, it can be tricky to confidently decide whether the person you are talking with can, and will, design what you want.  And, perhaps even more importantly, can they complete the proposed project within your budget?

How to Design the Perfect House Plans: 3 Step Process

Because all of this is important, in this series, we will outline a process to help ensure that you work with the right professional, stay within a budget, and have your vision come to life.  This process includes the following steps:

Step 1:  Gather Ideas

You’ve probably already started the “gathering” phase.  (Remember all those pins and magazine clippings?)  We’ll discuss strategies to help you not only gather fabulous concepts, but ways to stay focused on your needs and budget, as well.  Plus, we’ll give you additional resources (besides Pinterest) to help find those ideas.  [Read more…]

Step 2:  Organize Wants & Needs

Next, we’ll help you organize your ideas.  Many people skip this step, which is a mistake.  In order to clearly articulate your wants and needs to potential designers and builders, it is imperative that your ideas be clearly organized.  [Read more…]

Step 3:  Find the Right Designer & Builder

The final step we’ll discuss is finding the right designer and builder—the people who will listen and help make your ideas a reality.  [Read more…]

A Labor of Love

Ultimately, we believe that following this process will help lower your stress and anxiety. It will still take work, but it will be a labor of love.

The first step…

Gather those ideas!  (Yes, I know you’ve already started this.  But there’s more to it than pretty pictures.)  For more information about this important first step, click here…

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How to Design the Perfect House Plans: Series Introduction
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How to Design the Perfect House Plans: Series Introduction
The introduction to the series "How to Design the Perfect House Plans," which includes brief descriptions on the three steps with links to articles with more information.
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