You’ve dreamed about finding the perfect piece of land, building your dream home, and creating an ideal lifestyle for you and your family.  You may have even driven around searching for property or scoured internet listings trying to find the right land for the right price.  So, how can you find and buy land in order to make your dream a reality?

“How to Find and Buy Land for Your Dream Home” Series

Because finding and buying land for your dream home can feel like a daunting process, we have created this “How to Find and Buy Land for Your Dream Home” Series, which outlines a five step process.  Thus, we will give you an “instruction manual”—or at least a road map—to help guide you through how to find and buy land.  After all, why blindly fight your way through this process when we can help you avoid some common pitfalls?  So, let us share some of what we’ve learned over the past 20+ years in the home design and home building industries.

5 Basic Steps to Find and Buy Land

There are 5 basic steps to find and buy land for your dream home.  In this “How to Find and Buy Land for Your Dream Home” Series, we will take a detailed look at each of these five steps.  Hopefully, this will help guide you to your ideal land, putting you one step closer to building your dream home.

The five steps to find and buy land for your dream home are…

Step 1: Obtain Financing

This step may seem obvious, but you really should first figure out how you’re going to pay for your land.  Even if you find the perfect piece of property, without a source of funds to purchase it, you can’t move forward with your dream.  [ Read more…]

Step 2:  Find the Land

Once you know how you are going to pay for land, you can set to the task of finding the property.  Although this step may seem simple, finding the right piece of land can be the most difficult and frustrating step of the land buying process.  [Read more…]

Step 3:  Evaluate the Land

Just because a piece of land is in the location you want and for a price you can afford does not automatically mean it is the right land.  You must figure out whether the land you’ve found is actually suitable for building.  The expertise of a professional home builder helps with this important step.  [Read more…]

Step 4:  Negotiate Price

After purchasing land, you will want to build your dream home, and most likely, sooner than later.  So, be careful about spending too much and over-extending your finances from the start.  [Read more…]

Step 5:  Close on the Land

Closing is when the land and monies change hands; therefore, this is a critical step to understand.  [Read more…]

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How to Find and Buy Land for Your Dream Home
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