Recently, Elements Design Build attended the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is the International Builders Show?

What is the International Home Builders Show?  Well, think of your local home and garden show.  On steroids.

Companies from around the world showcasing their home building products filled three huge halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Because our goal at Elements is to build a quality home at a reasonable price, offering new and innovative features, we felt the International Builders Show was the best place to conduct some research.

Before the show, Builder and Head Designer, Dane Lytle, spent weeks investigating which products would be displayed and creating a list of the various booths we needed to visit.  That way, we would be able to most effectively utilize our two days at the show.

Even with planning, the International Builders Show was still a bit overwhelming.  As stated previously, three huge halls (one of them with two levels) displayed products.  Everything from air filtration systems to zany colors on appliances were available.  (Wait.  That’s only A to A, isn’t it?!)  Walking shoes on, we tackled our list and began to check out some products.

Our Favorite Products from the Show

There were too many great products to list them all here, so let’s just take a look at a couple of our favorites.

Brandi’s Favorite

Canisters of dog treats and bones displayed in a storage solution at the International Builders Show 2019, Photo taken by Elements Design Build, Custom Home Builder Greenville SCThe International Building Show displayed some amazing storage solutions.  One was a mudroom with a narrow pull-out cabinet with plastic containers neatly snuggled in a notch the size of the jar.  (They were filled with doggie bones and treats!)  Underneath the farmhouse sink was a built-in doggie bed, and next to that was a doggie bath.  Being a dog mom, Brandi thought this room was perfect!

Dane’s Favorite

One of Dane’s goals while attending the show was to learn more about home automation technologies.  He was quite impressed with SnapAV.  They offer a variety of products, including an enclosure that keeps all wiring neat and organized, with a place to house your modem, as well.  They also offer networking, surveillance, and Smart Home technologies.  Plus, the customer service and product support available to our homeowners after they move-in to their Elements home pleased us.  Of course, Dane will meet with a local rep and do even more research on SnapAV.  But our initial reaction to this company and its products was quite positive.

A lot of Work and a Bit of Fun

And how did we like Vegas?  Well, to be honest, it’s not really our cup of tea.  I think we gambled all of seven bucks on the penny slots.  (And lost it all!)  But we did enjoy “Friends! A Musical Parody” quite a lot.  Plus, it snowed on the strip for the first time in years!

So, all in all, it was a great trip with a lot of work and a bit of fun.  Now, we are ready to use some of the knowledge we gained to put you in your Element!

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The International Builders Show 2019
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