Making Modifications to Your Chosen Cool House Plans

Our goal is to provide you with cool house plans that fits your needs perfectly. Cool house plans that balance style with function and aesthetics with practicality. With each and every client, we work hard to pursue that perfect balance.

The process to realizing your dream home begins with a search of our vast archive of cool house plans. When you’ve found a design that you love – there may be things you need to change to fit your family, or construction site. Therefore we have multiple options available to get you going with your final plans:

  1. Pre-Modified Designs.

    We have huge archives of plans that we have already modified for other clients. There’s a chance we have a plan that will work for you already done and ready to go. Phone us with your specific needs and we’ll search the archive. If we find a design that works for you, you can simply purchase it at the stock plan price; you do not need to pay for work already done by a different client.

  2. Make Changes Locally

    You can purchase a digital drawing set (PDF or CAD) and mark it up for your local draftsman. He can make the changes you need while also making sure you have all the documentation you need for your local building department (which can include roof truss calculations, wind and seismic engineering, or local energy code requirements).

  3. Use our recommended national Drafting Service

    We work closely with several companies that modify our plans quickly and efficiently on a regular basis. Communicate your changes directly with them, following the purchase of a digital drawing set (PDF). Time frames vary throughout the year.

  4. Elements in-house Design & Drafting Team

    All the care and attention to detail that you find in our cool house plans is also present in our plan modification services. Time frames vary throughout the year, with Spring being the busiest. We will work with you through the design changes and completion of construction drawings, including managing truss manufacturers, seismic engineers and more. Of course, the more complex the project, the longer lead time you should expect.

Cool House Plans Modification Timeline Example