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3 Steps To The Perfect Floor Plan – Ch 4 – New Home Near Me

Ok you found a match with a designer/ builder for your new home near me.…

Puzzle Icon-new home near meCongratulations! Time to start designing your dream home. Once your plans are ready get with the builder with new home near me and get ready to build that beautiful home. If you worked with a Design Build firm like Elements you would have a smoother transition. This is because the designer and the build are the same.

For your first appointment with the designer, take your prioritized, categorized lists with you. The designer will love you for it, and ultimately will get you a better design. Make sure you bring links to your Pinterest or Houzz accounts. Also any binders of pictures that you have collected. You can check out Elements on Houzz or Pinterest for ideas.

Stay flexible. Do a preliminary design first with just a floor plan and a front elevation. Take it home and live with it for a week. Don’t ask the designer to complete the working drawings just yet. By making the designer go to far in the design it might cause you to miss those things you have not thought of yet. Sometimes it is time we need to discover the sweetest things in life.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to find a new home near me builder that can help you build your dream home. Elements looks forward to helping you any way we can through this exciting but sometime scary process.