In our series introduction, we stated, “Coronavirus [has] made us realize even more how important it is to create a safe home where one can live comfortably despite life’s struggles.”  In our last article, we discussed the importance of a fully functional home office.  (You can read more about that here.)  Today, we’d like to move from work to play, specifically the game room.  So, let’s explore that—the game room—in more detail…

The Pandemic-Proof Game Room

When stay-at-home orders began to be enacted, the Elements Family did not expect them to last for months.  If you are anything like us, binge watching Netflix was only fun for a weekend or two.  After that, we wanted something else to do!  Creating a game room where you can get away from the screens and move is not only helpful for a pandemic-proof home, but also during those cold winter months.

Just like you must create a home office that meets your specific needs, the game room in your home should function for you and your family.  What do we mean?  Well, think about how you are really going to use this space…

Many people believe they need a large area to create a functional game room.  This may not be necessary, however.  Just as a fully functioning home office can be created through a “pocket office,” game rooms do not automatically have to be big.

Now, if you plan to put a pool table, foosball table, and/or over-sized sofa in your game room, then you do need extra space.  If, however, you plan to use the room to play board games, then a smaller space could work well.

As for video games, do you and your family play interactive games where you need space to move?  Or are you a sit on the couch with your game controller kind-of people?

Perhaps you’re thinking that your family isn’t pool table, board game, interactive video playing type people.  Well, maybe your game room is more of a pub.  Tables, chairs, and a bar to mix specialty cocktails might be more your style.  And that’s okay!

Communicating details about why you want a room and how you plan to use it will help your house plans designer and home builder create spaces that are perfect for you.  (For more information about how to design the perfect house plans, click here.)  In other words, there is no “right” game room.  There is only the game room that is right for you.

Next time, we’ll stick with play and talk about the theater room…


During the next article of “The Pandemic-Proof Home” Series, we will discuss the theater room.

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The Pandemic-Proof Home: Feature #2 - The Game Room
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The Pandemic-Proof Home: Feature #2 - The Game Room
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