In our series introduction, we stated, “Coronavirus [has] made us realize even more how important it is to create a safe home where one can live comfortably despite life’s struggles.”  In our last article, we discussed the importance of a creating a space where you can get away from work and from screens—a game room.  (You can read more about that here.)  Today, we’d like to stick with play and talk about the theater room.  Before we dive into the theater room, however, let’s talk a bit about design in general.

Designing Your Perfect Home . . .

At Elements Design Build, we believe designing a home that meets your family’s specific needs is important.  Of course, resale should be considered, as well.  But resale and appealing to others is certainly not the only consideration to make when designing your home.

That being said, if you’ve read our other articles in “The Pandemic-Proof Home” Series, you know that we love to design-build “outside the box.”  For example, when we discussed the home office, we stated, “A ‘full home office’ does not necessarily mean an entire room must be dedicated to this one feature…”  We went on to explore options such as multifunctional spaces, pocket offices, and separate office buildings on your land.  (You can read the full article about home offices here.)

So, it probably comes as no surprise that to us, a “theater room” does not automatically mean a large, dedicated room with a big screen and traditional theater seating.  (Although those types of theater rooms are pretty cool!)  Let’s talk about a few different options to create a theater room (or space) that functions for you and your family…

The Pandemic-Proof Theater Room

We never thought we’d see the day when movie theaters were closed to the public.  As we all know, the rapid spread of the virus forced this into reality.  If you can’t go to the cinema, why not bring the movies home?  A theater room is a wonderful space where family can hang out on Friday night—during a pandemic or not.

The “Traditional” Theater Room

Though we’ve already stated that a theater room does not have to be a dedicated space inside your home, it is worth exploring this traditional option.  If you and your family love watching movies together, then creating a true theater space with no windows, carpet to absorb sound, theater seats, and huge screen might be the best option.

Of course, you could also opt for placing black-out curtains over windows and decorate with big, comfy sofas rather than recliners.

As always, we encourage you to really think about how you will use the space…

Multifunctional Spaces

Perhaps your family enjoys watching movies together, but also likes to play games.  Well, you might want to create a dual-purpose game/theater room.

A word of caution about multifunctional spaces…

We encourage you to think about the pros and cons of multifunctional spaces.  If the purpose of your game room is to give your family some “screen-free” time, then adding a theater space is probably not the best idea.  On the other hand, if your family enjoys playing video games, as well as watching movies, then a combination game/theater room could be the perfect fit.

A TV Room

Don’t let the term “TV Room” sway you into thinking this is an old-fashioned, cramped space.  Just as a pocket office can be stylish and functional, a smaller TV room can provide a comfortable, less formal space for your family to relax, without adding extra square footage to your home.

For example, our family only needs two bedrooms.  Because three-bedroom homes have better resale value than two-bedroom ones, we always live in a three-bedroom house.  So, we turned one of our bedrooms into a TV room, which we call the “snug.”  (Elements Custom Home Builder, Dane Lytle, loves England, so we borrowed their term!)  This allows us to have a formal living space, as well as a more relaxed “family room,” in a smaller home.

Outdoor Theater Space

If you really want to get “outside the box,” you could create an outdoor theater room in your backyard!  Outdoor living rooms under covered porches can be equipped with a TV and comfortable seating, perfect for movie-watching on a crisp night in the Upstate.  You could also place a screen on the side of a storage building (or your outdoor home office) and movie watch under the stars.

Honestly, your options for a theater room are only limited by your imagination.  (Well, maybe your budget, too!)

What kind of theater room do you want?!

Consider the type of theater room that you want / need.

Do you want…

  • Storage space for an outdoor screen and/or projector
  • Space for a popcorn machine in your dedicated theater room
  • A minifridge for drinks and snacks
  • A closet to hide all the components, such as the DVD player
  • Lighting on a dimmer switch

Of course, we have to make sure these “wants” fit within your building budget.  But we encourage you to think about how you really use your home for play.  After all, your home should be a place to rest, relax, and recharge, spending much needed quality time with loved ones.  And if that means you need a comfortable space to watch movies, then we need to make sure that gets designed into your house plans.  After all, we want to put you in your Element!


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The Pandemic-Proof Home: Feature #3 - The Theater Room
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