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Age-in-place and home accessibility have been topics of conversation for years.  Books, blogs, and more have been written about how to create a space where you can continue to live even as you grow older and/or become ill.  In fact, Elements has written about aging in place. (Just click here to read our article.)  Coronavirus made us realize even more how important it is to create a safe home where one can live comfortably despite life’s struggles.  Because of this, we began to consider how one could build a “pandemic-proof home.”

To be clear, we are not talking about a home which will fully protect you from illness.  No, we are talking about creating a comfortable space where you enjoy staying at home, with features that help make a variety of life’s struggles more bearable—whether that be a bad thunderstorm or a global pandemic.  So, let’s talk about how to create a pandemic-proof home . . .

Features of A Pandemic-Proof Home

In this introduction article, we want to outline seven different features we feel are important to create a pandemic-proof home.  Over the next several months, we will write a complete “Pandemic-Proof Home” Series, which will discuss these features in detail.  For now, let us give you a brief overview of the series…

Feature #1:  The Home Office

As Covid-19 spread, more and more people began to work from home, in order to practice social distancing.  Though working from home seems appealing, it comes with challenges.  Home is where you are supposed to be able to get away from work and its stresses.  Home is supposed to be a place of rest, family time, and enjoyment.  When the dining room table becomes your workspace, however, it is often difficult to set necessary boundaries which separate work life from home life.  Because work from home seems to be here to stay (at least for several more months), a full home office is an important feature when creating a pandemic-proof home.  (Read more here…)

Feature #2:  The Game Room

When stay-at-home orders began to be enacted, the Elements Family did not expect them to last for months.  If you are anything like us, binge watching Netflix was only fun for a weekend or two.  After that, we wanted something else to do!  Creating a game room where you can get away from the screens and move is not only helpful for a pandemic-proof home, but also during those cold winter months.  (Read more here…)

Feature #3:  The Theater Room

We never thought we’d see the day when movie theaters were closed to the public.  As we all know, the rapid spread of the virus forced this into reality.  If you can’t go to the cinema, why not bring the movies home?  A theater room is a wonderful space where family can hang out on Friday night—during a pandemic or not.  (Read more here…)

Feature #4:  Outdoor Spaces

Not only were we surprised that movie theaters were forced to close, but we also didn’t expect to see a day when outdoor parks and trails were empty.  As stay-at-home orders continued into April and May, the weather became more gorgeous.  And our family was itching to get outdoors!  Creating outdoor spaces where you can eat, read, and play is an extremely important feature in a pandemic-proof home.

Feature #5:  Geothermal Energy

During the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, bad storms swept through the Upstate.  Because of this, many people were stuck at home, trying to work and live without power.  Geothermal energy, which can be used to heat and cool homes, does not use electricity.  So, it is another important feature to create a pandemic-proof home.

Feature #6:  Solar Energy

As previously stated, bad storms knocked out power during the pandemic.  Not only does geothermal help during such a time, but solar energy does, as well.  Solar energy can actually be turned into electrical energy.  Because so many had stocked up on food during the crisis, no electricity was an even bigger concern, as many groceries were in scarce supply and would be hard to replace.  Solar energy would keep that fridge running, though.

Feature #7:  The Mudroom

Though you might think it strange that we list the mudroom as an important feature in creating a pandemic-proof home, hear us out.  As stay-at-home orders are lifting and we start venturing out more, we must remember that the virus is not eradicated.  That means, we still need to be diligent about cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination.  Thus, a mudroom, often the first place entered when arriving home, is truly a vital feature in creating a pandemic-proof home.

The Pandemic-Proof Home Series…

We hope this introduction piqued your interest.  Please, return to the blog regularly to read the entire “Pandemic-Proof Home” Series.

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The Pandemic-Proof Home
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The introduction article to a series that explores seven features which we believe are important to creating a pandemic-proof home, a space to help make life's struggles more bearable.
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