Pantone Color Report

Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors…  These are the primary buzzwords behind the gorgeous new shades being offered in the 2018 Spring Pantone Color Report. Soft and subtle pastels are complemented by a palette of Mother Nature inspired neutrals, while exciting bright hues add that visual “breath of fresh air” often found after an early morning spring shower.

This new spring unisex palette will immediately draw your thoughts to a simpler time of lazy spring days and warm summer nights. Many of the colors instantly bring a nostalgic vibe, all while awakening a sense of reflection and creating an organic look and feel representing our true day-to-day life.

Wall Finishes

Pairing perfectly with your home’s more understated neutrals, soothing and elegant. Almost Mauve will remind you of an early summer sunset or a vase of budding poesies. Also, it works well as the primary shade in a bedroom or as a subtle accent color.

While varying shades of orange have been popular for several seasons. This year’s Blooming Dalia is softer, warmer and pairs perfectly with transitional Warm Sand or Sailors Blue.

Take happiness to a new level by introducing Spring Crocus into your home décor. Whether painting an accent wall or changing out those sedate room accessories, Spring Crocus is vibrant, bold and just so much fun! Or try mixing bright Spring Crocus with transcendent Pink Lavender. Then, throw in splashes of brilliant UltraViolet to showcase Mother Nature’s influence in your home décor.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Pantone palette without an exciting new shade of red! Since this spring’s winner is a high energy burnt red of Chili Oil. Striking in tone, Chili Oil is a warm and welcome contrast to the calmer pastels and neutrals.

Ready for your home to share in your excitement for spring?  Let Elements Design Build create your home with these vibrant colors and more!

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