BATHTUB A modern bathtub creates a simplistic and clean feeling. Designing your modern bathtub by utilizing geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, and minimal colors allows your bathroom to effortlessly become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort. Since bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, their importance is far greater than we give credit. From bright and [...]



English Cottage Homes English Country house plans go by many different names including English Tudor, Storybook, Whimsical Cottage or Old-World Cottage. Romantic detail and a whimsical flair does not begin to describe English cottage homes. Their character and details come from the spirit of the world's craftsmen. Their roots are from a time when detail and design was [...]



Storybook Homes Storybook Homes are soft and gentle, hand crafted and imperfect, diminutive and scaled. As such, the storybook cottage is a style that resonates with so many people. The whimsy and charm of both the Old-world picturesque and Storybook style are exciting and entertaining. They make us smile, and they ignite the imagination! They speak to our [...]



Modern Farmhouse Farmhouse home plan design comes from the simple spirit of the owners that once built these homes. Because of the regional characteristics of this design, there can be many different variations. Thus, Modern Farmhouse homes are as differing in design as the old, regional farms they once looked over.  That being said, these homes usually have [...]



Craftsman Bungalow It is not hard to see that "honesty of design" is the hallmark of the Craftsman bungalow. Craftsman bungalow homes have impressive front porches and great details. Some of the first true Craftsman bungalow homes were built in California, as the designs standard open floor plan and earth-hugging horizontal profile was ideally suited for California's mild [...]

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