You really want to build a custom home.  But when it comes to new construction, it seems everyone has a home building horror story to tell!  So, how do you avoid the nightmare?  How do you ensure that you’ll have a happy home build instead?  The answer is one little word—expectations.

The secret to a happy home build involves expectations…

Truly, it’s that simple.  The secret to a happy home build is simply a matter of expectations.  Honestly, the secret to a happy life is a matter of expectations!

Why is a custom home builder writing on such a philosophical topic?  Well, because I’ve seen happy clients and I’ve seen unhappy ones.  And the difference between the two comes down to expectations.

The Home Building Horror Story

What do I mean by this?  Well, the two most common home building horror stories involve time and money.  In other words, the home build went over budget and/or it took longer than expected.  When I hear either of these complaints, I always wonder about expectations…

The house went over budget.

So, the house went over budget.  Well, was the budget set too low in the initial bid?  I mean, I’ve lost potential clients because another builder quoted them a lower price.  I understand.  Budget is important.  But I also know that quality costs money.  So, in order to meet the client’s expectations about quality, the builder will have to spend more.  In the end, will the house really cost less?  Or were unrealistic expectations established?

The house took longer than expected.

And the house took longer to build than expected…  Well, who expected the house to be done by spring?  Did the builder set an unrealistic time frame?  Or did the client simply want the house to be done by then?  Either way, realistic expectations are necessary.

Realistic Expectations = A Happy Home Build

And speaking of realistic expectations…  Please, do not expect everything to go smoothly while building!  Because it won’t.  The wrong door will be delivered, a subcontractor will show up late, a window will get broken…  If you don’t expect any problems, then these issues will cause major stress.  And all of a sudden, you’ll believe you are in the middle of a home building horror story.  On the other hand, if you realize this is simply a part of the process and you trust the professional home builder you hired to do his job and get issues resolved, then you won’t stress.  (At least not too much.)  And you’ll remain in a happy home build.

Yep.  A home building horror story or a happy home build?  It all comes down to expectations.

Elements Expectations

At Elements, we believe transparent, honest communication helps establish realistic expectations about our design-build process.  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.

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The Secret to a Happy Home Build
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The Secret to a Happy Home Build
It seems everyone has a home building horror story. This article explains how to avoid the nightmare and ensure a happy home build instead.
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