Home Accessibility, Aging in Place, and Preparing for the Unexpected

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Home accessibility and aging in place are becoming common topics of conversation.  These, along with preparing for the unexpected, are important considerations at Elements.  You see, my father became disabled when he was in his early 40s.  Unfortunately, our home was not wheelchair accessible.  Because of this, I try to be more cognizant about accessibility [...]

Age in Place Using the Elements of Universal Design

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Age in place is near and dear to the hearts of Elements. Experiencing a parent that had an unexpected disability first hand made us realize the importance of Age in Place. Also, watching as our grandparents, and now parents, get older opens your eyes. Because of this, Elements focuses on a home that will not [...]

What to Consider When Building a New Home

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Whether you’re building an English Cottage or a Modern Farmhouses, new home construction can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! Elements wants to help you better understand what to consider when building a new home.  Read on to learn more... What to Consider When Building a New Home Deciding to build your house is a big [...]

Let a Smart Home Enhance Your Life

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After rushing into work, you sit down at your desk and realize you forgot to turn off the coffee pot. And you asked your eldest to lock the front door, but did he really do it? If your home is equipped with smart home technology, your worries can be put to rest simply by getting [...]

Healthy Home Standards

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New Healthy Home Standards ® At Elements, we take your home’s quality and how it impacts your health to another level. Through his biology degree and through personal research in healthy home standards, Dane Lytle, owner of Elements Design Build L.L.C., has spent countless hours studying what makes a healthy home. Our team also considers [...]

Green Home Building is Building Responsibly

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Elements Design Build is committed to green home building. The choices we make today will make your home more sustainable for years to come.  Not only will this give environmental benefits, but economic and social benefits, as well. What are Green Home Building Standards? Green Home Building has become more defined as technological discoveries increase. [...]

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