Age in Place Using the Elements of Universal Design

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Age in place is near and dear to the hearts of Elements. Experiencing a parent that had an unexpected disability first hand made us realize the importance of Age in Place. Also, watching as our grandparents, and now parents, get older opens your eyes. Because of this, Elements focuses on a home that will not [...]

How to stay in budget when building a home

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As you’ve shared your dream of building a custom home with friends and family, you’ve no doubt heard a horror story or two about going over budget.  Whether it’s $1,000 or $100,000, exceeding the specified amount the bank approved is not a good scenario.  In this case, either you have to come up with the [...]

How to Find the Right House Plans Designer

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If you are going to build a custom home, you obviously need a set of custom house plans.  But how do you find the right house plans designer?  Well, read on to learn more… 5 Tips to Find the Right House Plans Designer Tip #1:  Look past the pretty pictures. A good house plans designer [...]

Design Style 101

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At some point, someone has probably asked you, “So, what’s your decorating design style?”  Seems like a simple enough question.  But it’s often a bit complicated to explain.  So, let’s start with some descriptions of a few popular design styles. Design Style #1: Modern Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse is a cousin of good ol’ traditional, but [...]