How to Design the Perfect House Plans: Step 1 – Gather Ideas

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The first step to designing the perfect house plans is to gather ideas.  Have a binder with floor plan concepts or a Pinterest account full of pins with beautifully decorated homes?  Then, you’ve already started this step! Right now, it doesn’t really matter if you are working on paper, electronically, or using a combination. File [...]

How to Design the Perfect House Plans: Series Introduction

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You have spent hours on Pinterest and scoured through countless magazines, collecting photos and ideas.  Now, you just want someone who can take all that information and help you figure out how to design the perfect house plans.  House plans that are buildable and affordable.  Individualized house plans that meet your and your family’s needs.  [...]

Design Style 101

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At some point, someone has probably asked you, “So, what’s your decorating design style?”  Seems like a simple enough question.  But it’s often a bit complicated to explain.  So, let’s start with some descriptions of a few popular design styles. Design Style #1: Modern Farmhouse Modern Farmhouse is a cousin of good ol’ traditional, but [...]

Let a Smart Home Enhance Your Life

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After rushing into work, you sit down at your desk and realize you forgot to turn off the coffee pot. And you asked your eldest to lock the front door, but did he really do it? If your home is equipped with smart home technology, your worries can be put to rest simply by getting [...]

Healthy Home Standards

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New Healthy Home Standards ® At Elements, we take your home’s quality and how it impacts your health to another level. Through his biology degree and through personal research in healthy home standards, Dane Lytle, owner of Elements Design Build L.L.C., has spent countless hours studying what makes a healthy home. Our team also considers [...]

Green Home Building is Building Responsibly

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Elements Design Build is committed to green home building. The choices we make today will make your home more sustainable for years to come.  Not only will this give environmental benefits, but economic and social benefits, as well. What are Green Home Building Standards? Green Home Building has become more defined as technological discoveries increase. [...]

How to Keep an Organized Home

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During the design phase, Elements will help you make good design decisions to ensure that your home has enough space and storage to help you stay organized. That being said, we realize with our hectic lives, it can be difficult to keep an organized home, even with the best of planning.  And the thought of [...]

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