Elements wants you to love being in your Elements home. But we understand that everyone needs a break from time to time. Whether you are taking a quick weekend trip or are going to be gone for several weeks, you should take the time to prepare your home before you leave.  Here are twelve simple tips we at Elements Design Build suggest to ensure that your Elements home is safe and that you come back to a calm space after your vacation.

12 Tips to Prepare Your Elements Home Before Traveling

1) If you are only going to be gone for a few days, you can ask a neighbor to pick up your mail & newspaper.  Otherwise, get the post office & newspaper to stop delivering during your trip.

2) If the trash will be picked up while you are gone, ask a neighbor to put your trashcan away.

3)  You will have laundry to do when you return, so get all of it caught up before you leave.

4) Get all the dishes washed and put away so you don’t have that chore to do when you come home calm and relaxed.

5) If you have pets, empty all their food and water bowls so they don’t attract bugs.

6) Empty all trashcans in the house and take the garbage out.

7) Turn the water off to your washing machine.

8) Close all curtains and blinds.

9) Turn the air-conditioner up or the heat down to save money.  (Just remember to keep it warm enough in the winter so your pipes don’t freeze.)

10) Turn off all lights and fans inside the house.

11) Make sure all windows and doors are locked.

12) Leave a porch light on in case you get home late.

Now that the house is ready, grab your luggage, tickets, & loved ones and enjoy your trip!


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12 Tips to Prepare Your Home Before Traveling
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12 Tips to Prepare Your Home Before Traveling
An article which gives twelve simple tips to prepare your home before traveling to ensure that your house is safe and calm when you return from vacationing.
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