Designing the custom home of your dreams is an exciting venture.  Unfortunately, explaining your vision to floor plan designers and home builders can be challenging.  Fortunately, we have a few tips and strategies to help you not only visualize your custom home, but clearly communicate that vision to design build professionals.

How to visualize your custom home

Gather Ideas

The first step to visualize your custom home is to gather ideas.  Websites like Pinterest and Houzz offer tons of design inspiration.  You can also look through magazines and tour open houses in your area.  Save photos, clip out pictures, and/or take your own photographs so that you can show your design build professionals what you like (and don’t like).

Consider Form and Function

In order to fully visualize your custom home, you must move past the “pretty picture” stage, however.  The next very important step is to think through the form and function of your dream home.  The best way to do this is to answer questions about finishes, as well as how you use your home.

For a detailed list of questions, click here.

Organize Wants and Needs

Before taking your beautiful photos and details about the form and function of your dream home to your designer and builder, there is one more crucial step.  You need to organize your wants and your needs.  In other words, which items are must-have versus want-to-have?  This information will help as you no doubt want to stay in-budget!

For a list of questions to help you organize wants and needs, click here.

Make Selections Before Building Begins

Even after looking through photos, discussing form and function, plus evaluating wants and needs, the visualization of your home is still a bit abstract.  One way to visualize your custom home in a more concrete manner is to choose finishes before building begins.  This helps ensure that your home builder knows what you want.  An added benefit is choosing selections early allows the bid to be more accurate, thus helping keep your project in-budget.

At Elements, we utilize an online construction management program which allows our clients to make selections from the comfort of their living room (the local coffee shop, the park, anywhere you have wifi!)  For more information about, click here.

Get 3D Floor Plans Designed

If you really want to visualize your home in a concrete way, you can hire a firm like Elements to design 3D floor plans for you.  With 3D plans, you can virtually walk-through your home, seeing both your floor plan and the selections you’ve made come to life!

Make your dream a reality

Ultimately, the more effort you put forth to visualize your custom home before building, the more likely your dream home will turn out the way you want.  Just remember…

Designers and builders really do want to help make your dream a reality.  To do that, however, design build professionals need you to clearly articulate your vision.  By using the “How to visualize your custom home” strategies listed above, you’ll be able to do just that!


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Visualize Your Custom Home
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Visualize Your Custom Home
An article with tips and strategies to help you not only visualize your custom home, but clearly communicate that vision to floor plan designers and home builders.
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