When looking for a home builder to build a custom home on your land or lot, you will no doubt send quite a few inquiries via phone message and email.  How quickly builders respond to these messages gives you an indication about what communication will be like during the building process.  So, how quickly should builders return your call?

Prompt Communication: Before Hire

Obviously, prompt communication is important.  You will have questions during the design build process and need someone who is willing to guide you, calming any anxiety.  The question becomes, however, what is “prompt” communication?

Prompt vs Immediate Communication

In our fast-paced society with technology at our fingertips, we often expect not just prompt communication, but immediate communication.  While the builders you contact will no doubt have cellphones in their pocket with email capabilities, that does not mean that they can (or should) respond to you within minutes, or even hours.

You might be thinking, “Well, why not?!”

Remember, builders are doing their job, which includes coordinating subcontractors, purchasing materials, and numerous other responsibilities.  Because of this, builders may not return your call until the end of the day.  In fact, they may even wait until the next morning to respond to your call or email.

In our professional opinion, an inquiry phone call or email should be returned within 24 – 48 business hours.  While one to two business days may seem unacceptable to you, this delay does not mean your message is not important.  On the other hand, it means the builder is prioritizing.  After all, when he/she is building your custom home, would you rather the builder be focused on your project or getting more jobs?  Also, don’t you want time management to be a skill your builder possesses?

Prompt Communication:  After Hire

Once you hire a builder, communication should remain transparent, clear, and timely.  During the design build process, text messaging often becomes another method of communication.  While this is convenient, you should not expect an immediate response every time you text.  As with phone calls and emails, builders must prioritize.  For example, if he/she is in the middle of another task or meeting, then your text needs to wait.  Also, remember that builders have families, too.  Plus, they want (and need) to take some time-off work, including going on vacation.  So, be considerate and don’t text your builder in the evenings or on weekends unless it’s an emergency.

How quickly should builders return your call?

So, how quickly should builders return your call?  Well, the bottom-line is this…

Expect timely, clear, transparent, honest, and open communication from your builder.  Do not expect immediate responses, however.  Perhaps most importantly, realize that builders should not be expected to work 24/7.  Be considerate of the builder’s time, just as he/she should be considerate of yours.

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How quickly should builders return your call?
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How quickly should builders return your call?
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