Our ultimate goal at Elements Design Build is to have happy clients.  We reach that goal by building a quality home while striving to stay within our homeowner’s budget.  That being said, sometimes, we simply can’t build a home for a family.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Home builders can’t always help.

What do I mean home builders can’t always help?!

Well, simply put, I mean that we, at Elements Design Build, won’t force it when we know that we are not a good fit with a client.  For example, we won’t “work the numbers,” telling you that we can build your custom home for less than we believe is possible.  We won’t sugarcoat conversations simply to secure a contract.  We won’t be anything less than honest, upholding our integrity.

Yes, at Elements, we believe a person’s word should mean something.  So, we pride ourselves in having open and honest communication.  Because of this, we utilize CoConstruct, an online construction management program, which helps us have transparent communication about budget and schedules with our clients.  (You can read more about that here.)

From experience, we realize that people often hold their cards close, especially when it comes to budget.  Often, this is because they fear that being upfront with their home builder will result in the builder trying to stretch that budget further than it can really go.  Or even worse, inflating the price of the home.  (Read more about that here.)  While we understand this fear, not talking about budget realistically breaks down communication!  And broken communication leads to misunderstandings and an unhappy build…

And as we said at the beginning, we want a happy home build!

So, if we realize that we can’t build your home within the budget you’ve told us, we’ll suggest you find a different builder.  Or perhaps you need to find an existing house

Because you are investing more than money when you build a custom home.  You are also investing time, energy, and emotion. We want to make sure that you are investing those intangibles wisely, as well.

And that means that sometimes, we can’t help.

We know…  It really is a bummer!


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Home Builders Can't Always Help
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Home Builders Can't Always Help
An article discussing why home builders can't always help clients build a new, custom home.
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